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We created our online flashcard site to be easy to use on all devices, so you can learn anywhere. If you have time, you can learn; over coffee, waiting in line, for an appointment or on the bus.

flashcards_tablet_learning_coffee.jpg"If you have time to lean, you have time to learn!"

Anyone anywhere can learn and retain information for the long term using Flashcards and Spaced Repetition, a proven learning technique.

With you have access to the same website and materials via the same interface on any and all devices. Flashcard decks are presented via a modern "Mobile Adaptive" interface that is deploy once and use anywhere. Users see the same website and flashcard tools optimized for whatever device they are using; mobile, tablet, desktop etc.

No elaborate registration or payment is required to use and share Flashcards or to benefit from the flashcard tools. Users who do login will find a friction free interface to create and modify Flashcard decks in bulk, as well as Bookmarking, Collections, Subjects and other useful features.

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