Picture Decks

Decks that have images with them.

Common Dog Breeds 10 cards Can you identify these popular American dog breeds?

Duck Identifier 14 cards Identify common ducks from images.

Bicycle Hand Signals 3 cards The three must-know hand signals for bicycling on roads

Oregon Tidepool Creatures 19 cards Flashcards for some of Oregon's most popular and common rocky intertidal plants and animals. Please see http://oregontidepools.org for more information on visiting Oregon's tidal pools.

Counting Coins 10 cards Practice counting US coins. Good for Grades 2nd through fourth.

Telling Time 12 cards Teach children to tell time with these clock face flashcards.

Pacific Northwest Edible Berries 32 cards These flashcards provide a list of edible berries in the Pacific Northwest.

Wild Cats of North America 7 cards Learn to Identify the seven main wild cats of North America.

Venomous Snakes of North America 14 cards North America is home to many dangerous, and even lethal, venomous snakes. Here is a partial list with images as flashcards.