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by Tim Bottman on Mar 19, 2014
These flashcards are to help memorize the flight numbers that Innova supplies for their disc golf discs. The numbers represent speed, glide, fade, and turn.
by ALP on Jan 06, 2014
Not familiar with disk golf? Well, practice up with this disc golf vocabulary flashcard deck and you will be.
by Tim Bottman on Apr 15, 2016
Innova manufactures a great amount of disc golf discs. The stability of a disc is the tendency of the disc to turn, fade, or just fly straight. By comparing the turn and fade on Innova discs you can figure the overall stability.
by Tim Bottman on Jun 20, 2023
2022 DGPT Events on front. FPO and MPO winners on back.
by Tim Bottman on Jun 26, 2023
You thought your disc golf was bad. These jokes are even worse!
by Tim Bottman on Jun 20, 2023
Given a list of midrange names, do you know who made them.