The Legislative Branch

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Which article of the consitution outlines the legislative branch?

Article 1

What is the main job of the legislaitve branch?

Make laws,declare war


The work that a law maker does to help constutents w/ a problem

why do members of congress dediate so much time to casework

to focus on laws

pork-barrel project

govt project grant that primarly benefits the home districs or state

U.S Capital

Washington D.C


a goernment that has a 2 house legislature system


every 10 years a population count is taken by the census bureau


legislatures are required to grow around the smae # of ppl represented


oddy shaped district increasing voting strengh

who presides over the senate
do they get to vote

vice president of the U.S.
Cant vote

who currently holds this position

kamala Harris

how is representation determined in the senate

that it should have 2 senators

identifiy wisconsins us senators

tammy baldwin and ron johnson

how many total members are in the senate

100 members

who is the current senate majority leader

charles schumer (dem)

who is the current senate minority leader

miton mucconnell (reb)

which party currently controls the senate


how is representation determined in the HOR


how many total members are in the HOR


what do we call the leader of the HOR

the speaker of the house

who currently holds this postition

nancy pelosi

who is the current house minority leader

kevin miccarthy (reb)

how many representatives does wisconsin have

8-5 reb 3 dem

who represents distric #1 in wi

bryan steil

which party currently controls the HOR



group of ppl appointed consists of members from larger groups

what is the purplse/functions of committtees in congress

to monitor identify issues ather and evaluate info

what factors influence committee assingnments

assigned by each party

non legislative powers of congress

1. creating laws
2. deal w foreign contries

elastic clause

clause in article 1 section 8 of the consitution gives congress the right to make all laws proper to carry out expressed powers

expressed powers

pwoer that the us congress has that is specifically listed in the constatution

identify 3 examples of expressed pwers

declare war
conduct foreign relations
coin $

implied powers

power that congress has that isnt started explicityly in the consitution

identify 3 examples of implied pwers

declare war
control immigration
levy taxes

identify 2 things that congress cannot do

cant pass laws
cant favor certain states

explain the relationship between this branch of govt and the other two (how might it check or limit one of the other branches)

becuase if we didnt have this branch there wouldnt be a way to make laws


to accuse govt officlas of misconduct in office

impeachment process

after house sends articles to senate senate sits @ high court of impeahment to consider evidence

have there been any impeached presidents


what are the 3 constitutional qualificaations for a member of the HOR

must be 25 years old
US citizen for the past 7 years
inhabitant of the sate he/she represented
length: 2 year terms Are there term limites: 6 terms

what are the 3 constitional wualifications fora member of the senate

must be 30 years old
us citizen for the past 9 years
resident of state a senator represents
length: 6 years term limits: 2 terms


legislative purposal before congress


represenatives of an interest group contracts law amers to influence policy making


done by president if they dont approve of the law


a tactic for defeating a bill in the senate to limit debate on the bill


a procedure used in the senate to limit debate on a bill

1st step to becoming a law

idea- presendted by anyone

2nd step to becoming a law

bill- a member of congress drafts into a bill

3rd step to becoming a law

committee- decides

4th step to becoming a law

vote: voted on by senate and HOR

5th step to becoming a law

confrince committee

6tth step to becoming a law

signed: by president or veto