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Banks Forward, Preface, ch 1; Kozol chs 1, 2; Focus Lessons 1a-e, BlogOn 1 (Briggs/Lee/Sanchez/Sterk), Choose to Know, Multicultural Resource Skills, Classroom Connect, Discussion Board 1

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The gap between American democratic ideals and actual practices

American Dilemma (Banks 8:3)

A view that democracy has been attained in the United States and that our racial and gender problems were solved by the civil rights movements of the 1960's and 1970's..

American Exceptionalism (Banks 8-9)

He first coined the term, "American Dilemma."

Gunnar Myrdal (Banks 8:3)

This Supreme Court decision legalized and legitimized racial segregation

Plessy v. Ferguson (Banks 8:2)

This type of unum requires the participation of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, social class, and gender groups in the construction of the aims, goals, and values of the curriculum

authentic unum (Banks xii:3, 6:1-2)

This type of unum only requires the participation of one predominant set of cultural values and perspectives in determining the curriculum

imposed unum (Banks xii:3, 6:2)

"It is harder to convince young people they 'can learn' when they are cordoned off by a society that isn't sure they ----- ----- (2 words)."

really can (Kozol 37)

This group has no ideologies to reinforce, no superstructure of political opinion to promote, no civic equanimity or image to defend, no personal reputation to secure. Kozol refers to this group as

children (Kozol 12:1)

The pastor of St. Ann's Episcopal Church in the Bronx

Martha Overall (Kozol 16:5)

"one of the consequences of their isolation...is that they have little knowledge of the _____ _____ (2 words) that are familiar to most children in the world,,,described as 'over there.'"

reference points (Kozol 17:2)

Token days that are "not the ebb and flow of life [but] ease our feeling of regret about the way things have to be..."

Inter-racial Days (Kozol 18:1)

Essayist and novelist Marina Warner claims "There are _____ children and there are _____ children (2 different words)."

cheap / expensive (in either order) (Kozol 49:3)

The fact that racial test score gaps "narrowed substantially" and that minority high school graduation rates "increased sharply" provided evidence that _____ efforts did not fail.

desegregation (Kozol 19:3)

This individual led the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University

Gary Orfield (Kozol 19:1)