1001-Performance Based Questions

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Questions from Practice Test labeled "Performance-Based"

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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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CRT image Geometry is distorted

Adjust Image Control Knobs

Low color depth, images appear blocky or grainy.

Check display driver

Stuck or dead pixels

Try to reactivate using software

Image burn-in creating ghosted elements.

Use automatic screensavers

Color glitches. Purple or green horizontal lines.

Check or replace cabling.

Screen objects appear too large.

Adjust screen resolution or zoom.

Image appears very dim.

Adjust brightness and/or contrast.

Artwork color output different than display's.

Calibrate color to output device.

No image is displayed.

Ensure display is plugged in and connected.

Unexpected STOP errors at startup.

Replace display adapter.

Removable Storage-Volatility and power needs

Least volatile/slowest.
Does not require power.

HDD [Hard Drive]-Volatility and power needs

Between Removable [less volatile] and SSD [more volatile]
No power required.

SSD [Solid State Drive]-Volatility and power needs.

Between HDD [less volatile] and RAM [more volatile]
No power needed.

RAM-Volatility and power needs.

Between SSD [less volatile] and CPU Cache [more volatile]
Power is required.

CPU Cache-Volatility and power needs.

Most Volatile.
Requires power.

Raid Controller Card

2 GBS = PCIe x 8
[8 x 250 Mbps = 2Gbps]

Video Card

4 GB = PCIe x 16
[16 x 250 Mbps = 4 Gbps]

Wireless NIC

250 MBs = PCIe x 1
[1 PCIe = 250 Mbps]

Sound Card

133 Mbps = PCI
[Each PCI = 133 Mbps]



HDD on MB?




GUI on MB?


Firmware on MB?


On MB?

1/2 of Dual Bridge [N/S] connected directly to the CPU [aka Memory Control Hub]