EXAM RETAKE: Glossary "J-K-L"

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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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Removing manufacturer restrictions on a device to allow other software, operating systems, or networks to work with a device. Typically refers to iPhone devices.


EG: A video is "jittery"
A variation in the time it takes for a signal to reach the recipient. Jitter manifests itself as an inconsistent rate of packet delivery.
If packet loss or delay is excessive, then noticeable audio or video problems (artifacts) are experienced by users.

KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch

A switch supporting a single set of input and output devices controlling a number of PCs. KVM are more typically used with servers but 2-port versions allow a single keyboard, mouse, and display to be used with two PCs.


In optical storage media, raised areas on the disk.


In PCIe, two wire pairs (four wires in total) using low voltage differential signaling, with one pair used to transmit and the other pair to receive (bi-directional).

LC (Lucent Connector)

Small Form Factor version of the SC push-pull fiber optic connector; available in simplex and duplex versions.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Standard for accessing and updating information in an X.500-style network resource directory. LDAP uses port 389.

LGA (Land Grid Array)

A CPU form factor used by Intel where the pins that connect the CPU and socket are located on the socket.

link-local address

Addresses used by IPv6 for network housekeeping traffic. Link-local addresses span a single subnet (they are not forwarded by routers).

low level format

A "proper" low level format creates cylinders and sectors on the disk. This can generally only be done at the factory. The disk utilities just clean data from each sector; they don't re-create the sector layout.

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

A packet data communications specification providing an upgrade path for both GSM and CDMA2000 cellular networks. LTE Advanced is designed to provide 4G standard network access.

LTE-A (LTE Advanced)

LTE Advanced is designed to provide 4G standard network access