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Breath sounds in Asthma


Vital signs in Asthma

Increased RR Increased HR

CXR in Asthma

Hyperluscent or Black

Chest Assessment / Percussion


Obstructive or Restrictive ?

Obstructive Obstructive means Airway DIsease

ABG in Asthma

Some sort of Respiratory Acidosis with Hypoxemia

Is Asthma Unilateral or Bilateral?


Is Asthma Acute or Chronic?

Chronic Asthma is chronic but unlike other chronic lung diseases it is intermittent

Airways increased resistance or Lung decreased compliance?

Increased Airway Resistance

Asthma Diagnostic Test?

PFT reversability FEV1.12% Peak Flow huge as well

Asthma Sputum

None to White Esinophils create white sputum secondary allergic type reactions

History or cause of disease

History is generally Pt was exposed to an allergen prior to admission

Pathophysiology of Asthma

Allergic swelling edema of airways

Asthma Medication Recommendations

Fast onset Bronchodialtator IV Steroids such as Solumeterol

Ventilator or NPPV Recommendations

Avoid if Possible Paralyze with intubation for status asthmaticus use pancuronium

Work of the Heart & or Heart /Lung interaction in Asthma

Pulsus Paradoxus Decreased Systolic BP on inhalation

Fatal signs ? Decreased LOC

Decreased BP

Additional Recommendations?

Heliox/Continuous Neb

Fatal signs ?

Decreased LOC, Decreased BP, Decreased RR


Increased WOB and accessory muscle use


Asthma Action Plan
Proper MDI use, daily inhaled steroid(controler) vs rescue or short acting beta agonist