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Much is used

- with singular (uncountable) nouns
Much English, much time, much heat
- in questions and negatives
Do you play much football?
She doesn't have much trouble with English

Many is used

- with plurals (countable)
Many countries, many birds, many friends
- in questions and negatives
Do you know many songs?
Not many tourists visit our town

So many words,
So much to do,
So little done.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Much and Many can be used without nouns

- Did you have any water today?
- Not much

-How many people were there?
-Not many

A lot of & Lots of
(mean the same thing)

- informal style
I haven't got a lot of time just now
- can be used before singular (uncountable) or plural nouns
- more natural in affirmative sentences