Diffusion and Osmosis

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solvent + solute


spreading of particles or molecules from high concentration areas to low concentration areas

hypertonic solution

solution of high concentration (more solute)

hypotonic solution

solution of lower concentration (lower solute)

Diffusion travels from a _____ solution to a _____ solution.

hypertonic; hypotonic

permeable membrane

allows things to pass through it

semi permeable membrane

allows some things to pass through it


the diffusion of water

Osmosis occurs usually with water being the _____ in the solution in the context of a _____ membrane.

solvent; semi permeable

In osmosis, water will travel to the solution with the _____ concentration of solute in order to try and make the two solutions reach ______.

higher; equilibrium

In osmosis through a semi permeable membrane, try to think of water as the solute because, in terms of the actual solute, it is traveling from the _____ solution to the ______ solution.

hypotonic; hypertonic