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Who established the nuclear theory of the atom with his gold-fold experiment?

Ernest Rutherford

What rule of chemical combination was used to determine the gram of Magnesium oxide when 12.2g of magnesium interacted completely with 8.0g of oxygen in a lab and the mass product of the reaction was revealed to be 20.2g of Magnesium Oxide?

Law of Conservation of Mass

J.J. Thompson discovered the _______ in 1897


The Law of Definite Proportion is also known as _________________________________________

The Law of Constant Composition

The mass of electron has discovered by Robert Millikan is __________________

9.109 * 10^-28g

He developed the Law of Constant Composition

Joseph Proust

In 1808, Dalton proposed that elements are made of tiny particles called __________


If elements A and B react to form two compounds, the different masses of B that combine with a fixed mass of A can be expressed as a ratio of small whole numbers. What law of chemical composition is this?


Who discovered neutrons?


The total mass of reactants remains constant during a chemical reaction applies to what law of chemical combination

Law of Conservation of mass

The positively charged particles discovered by ______ is known as ________________

Rutherford, Protons

What is the Law of Constant Proportions?

Element composition of a pure compound is always the same

Electrically neutral particles are known as ________, as negatively charged particles are known as _______

Neutrons, Electrons

State the three laws of chemical combination

Law of Conservation of Mass
Law of Constant Composition
Law of multiple proportions

The spontaneous emission of high-energy radiation and particles is known as