Sec 1 Volleyball Revision

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How many players are on the court per team during a game?

Six players

Is it illegal for a player to touch the net?


Front image: 

How many points must a team score to win a game?

2 points

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What direction do you rotate on the volleyball court?


When does the team rotate in a game?

Each time you win the service

How many hits is a team allowed before the ball must travel backover the net?

3 hits

If the ball lands on the sideline, is the ball in or out?


Front image: 

Name the following hit used very often when receiving a serve or spike.

Forearm pass/ dig

Front image: 

Can the receiving (not serving) team score points?


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Name the hit (using fingertips over forehead) used to set up an attack.

Overhead pass/ Set

Stepping over the line before executing the serve is called a _________________.

Foot Fault

Front image: 

The hit used to begin each point is called the _____________.


When a player touches the ball twice consecutively it is called a _________________,

Double Hit

Lifting the ball for more than a short moment is called ______________.


How many attempts does one get at each serve?

1 attempt

If the ball hits the top of the net and continues over to the other side during play it is called a ____________________.

A playable ball (Play continues)

A serve that is in and cannot be returned by the other team is called a _______________.

an Ace