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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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Ad Builder

An ad creation tool that gives power to the dealerships to manage their own marketing


This is the SAP Dealer Front End application and enables the Service Advisor to discover all vehicle attributes in addition to assisting with stock location.

DRIVE (Dealer Results Intelligence Visualisation Environment)

DRIVE is a powerful VFACTS market share and sales performance analysis system

Voice of the Guest (VOG)

The key Guest Experience tool for Dealers. It is a reporting platform that has been developed to act as both a measurement and a management tool to provide feedback from Guests and help dealerships manage key Guest-facing staff.


myFleet allows staff to view fleet customer enquiries


A trade in appraisal App that enables the Dealer to assess the value of the Guest’s vehicle for trade in purposes.

Network Central

Network Central is used to record and view staff and dealership details - and maintain their security access to other Toyota systems. New staff members need to be created in Network Central as they join the Dealership and discontinued when they leave.

Parts Stock Locator

Enables the Dealer to search for stock at Dealerships across the National network by part number.


Bulletins/News/Warranty Policies - Used by TMCA Technical Services to communicate with Dealer technical staff.


A technology platform used for the sharing of core documentation.

Showroom 360

TMCA’s Showroom Sales System which is used by a Salesperson when dealing directly with a Guest. It is a key system used to create a Sales Enquiry and a Deal/Contract for TUNE Dealerships.


The Taipan Web Portal is used by parts staff to order parts from Toyota and direct vendors. Parts orders can be generated manually - or an order imported from the Dealer Management System (DMS) where compatible. Other functions within Taipan include viewing invoices and credit notes; performing parts pricing and availability enquiries; reviewing the status of orders; and create/review claims.


Toyota Additional Parts Service - To be transitioned to the Content Platform and decommissioned.

TASS Toyota Automotive Specification System

TASS is used to view a vehicle’s Recommended Retail Price (RRP); specifications; and download accessory lists in excel format.

TIPS Toyota Integrated Performance Solutions

TIPSv2 (Toyota Integrated Performance Solutions) is used mainly by Financial Controllers/Accountants at dealerships to submit their monthly financial reports to TMCA. TIPSv2 also allows Dealers to review their performance through a variety of reports.

Toyota Brand Portal

Brandshift – a Portal offering a range of marketing tools for a range of purposes and audiences. Links messaging to the 2025 Strategic Vision.

Toyota Central

Allows Dealer staff to view their progress for the incentive programs they are enrolled in. Points earned towards incentive programs can be used to claim rewards such as gift cards


Used by TMCA and the regions to communicate with Dealers (bulletins

TUVP Toyota Used Vehicle Portal

The Toyota Used Vehicle portal (TUVP) allows dealers access to the Wholesale site and Virtual Showroom to buy and sell Dealer and private stock; the Dealer portal to access reports

LMS (replacing TRC)

New learning management system for Dealers and TMCA staff. It allows staff to view information on training courses provided by Toyota; and enrol where applicable.

TVOPS Toyota Vehicle Ordering Process System

TVOPS is a web application used by stock controllers to provide TMCA with their sales forecasts by vehicle model (Sales Forecast Entry) and view the “Sales Stock Run Down” report


Leads Management - Enables the Retention Manager to offer an existing owner a compelling opportunity to re-purchase a Toyota vehicle. This includes a single view of guest.


Everyone Counts is a TFS (Toyota Finance) product that provides all financial information about a Guest – and all details associated with their TMCA Access (Finance) Product. Access is generally restricted to the Business Manager at a Dealership. Frequently Financial Leads are identified and profiled separately to Service (TEX) Leads.


Allows Toyota regional staff to conduct dealer assessments for TFL

Guest/public facing website.

My Service


My Toyota



The Maintenance Reminder Service sends automated alerts to Guests to remind them that their vehicle is due for a service. This reminder is a trigger for the majority of Guest initiated service requests. It plays a key role in the TEX process.

HR Applications

HR Activities (training

Vehicle Tracking & Delivery

Allows dealer sales staff to view upcoming vehicle deliveries and to keep customers informed about the status of their vehicle delivery.

Trade-In Appraisal App

Allows a Dealer user to appraise the Guest's current vehicle for trade-in purposes.

Paperless Dealer (New)

In its first iteration – the Paperless Pilot will address the TFL (assessment) documentation the Delivery Advice document. After that the project will be extended to incorporate all documentation.

Dealer Product Report (New)

Enables dealer technical staff to submit DPRs to TMCA for fault analysis. This will be implemented on the Salesforce platform.

View Service History (New)

This will provide the Dealership with a single view of the service history of a Guest.

Online Service Booking (New)

A revised implementation of the current OSB (Guest facing) application. The new OSB will populate Dealer systems with Guest booking information.

Centralised Leads Management or ELMS (New)

A mechanism by which to centralise the management of all Leads within a Dealership.