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The Urpflanze is a language of plant forms! Man and Especially Woman has worked with plants and noticed their parts. Names carry energy and explicit language enhances the dance, paints the connections through space and time! Urpflanze means the primordial plant form, or leaf! All plant is divine leaf manifesting at different times, ratios, and with different hormones to forms organs with differing purpose. Heldfast in mother earth herself, immortally stretching into heaven, providing tissues of medicine, and fruiting bodies for divine juice, yay verily! Ur = primordial.

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Perfect Flower

A flower having both pistol and stamen (female and male respectively.)

Imperfect flower

A flower not having both pistol and Stamen (female and male) parts.

Complete Flower

A flower having all four whorls: Pistol (female), Stamen (male), Petals (collectively termed corolla), Sepals (collectively calyx).


All of the small leaf like petals (sepals) on the layer below the petals of the flower.


All of the petals on a flower.


The Corolla and the Calyx together. (petals and protective sepals of flower)


The first leafs a plant sprouts with from seed. The word behind the terms: monocot and Dicot.

Four types of Plant tissues

Vascular tissues (transport), Dermal tissues (protect), Meristem (young green growth :), Ground (Roots).