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to hack
the hacker
the hack

el hacker
el hackeo

Leo knows how to crack passwords.
- to decipher, to figure out

Leo sabe cómo descifrar contraseñas.
- descifrar

I demand a lot from my employees.
- to demand
- the demand, the requirement

Exijo mucho de mis empleados.
- exigir
- la exigencia

There are twenty-five unread emails. (2)

Hay veinticinco correos electrónicos sin leer/no leídos.

the inbox

la bandeja de entrada

There has to be a way to reverse the effects.
- there has to be
- to reverse

Tiene que haber una manera de revertir los efectos.
- tiene que haber
- revertir e->ie yo revierto

the poem
(the poetry)

el poema
(la poesía)

the backlog

el trabajo atrasado

We will be more powerful if we join forces.
- to join (not "juntar" or "unir")
- to join together

Seremos más poderosos si aunamos fuerzas.
- aunar (transitive) yo aúno
- aunarse

the check (chess)
to endanger (2)

el jaque (el ajedrez)
poner en jaque, poner en peligro

But what if there was another way?

Pero, ¿qué tal si hubiera otro camino?

to re-create
the re-creation

la recreación

Martin played the clown in order to amuse us.
lit: made himself the clown
- to amuse (not "divertir")
- the recreation (leisure)

Martín se hacía el payaso para recrearnos.
- recrear
- la recreación

Of course, if we want to talk ...
- of course (not "por supuesto" or "desde luego")

Desde ya que, si queremos hablar ...

I must set a trap for him.
- to lay out (to hang out, to spread)

Debo tenderle una trampa.
- tender ( yo tiendo

I must do something that catches his attention.

Debo hacer algo que llame su atención.
Note: subjunctive

Fernando was who ordered to kill Mariela.
- to order, to send

Fernando fue quien mandó a mater a Mariela.
- mandar (2)

A pregnant woman and her unborn child were murdered.
- to assassinate, to murder

Una mujer embarazada y su hijo por nacer fuereon asesinados.
- asesinar

The best (thing) is to turn yourself into the police.
- to turn oneself in, to surrender

Lo mejor es que te entregues a la policía.
- entregarse (note subjunctive)



She made a big mistake. This - she will pay dearly for it.

Ella cometió un gran error. Esto - lo pagará muy caro.

the variant

la variante

Success comes with perseverance.
- the constancy, the perseverance (not "la perseverancia")

El éxito viene con la constancia.
- la constancia (2)

There is no record of her stay in the hotel.
Hint: not "el registro"
- the record, the proof (both L.A.)

No hay constancia de su estadía in el hotel.
- la constancia (L.A.)

age is a determining factor

la edad es un factor determinante

barbarian (adj)
the barbarian
Amazing! or How awful!

el bárbaro, la bárbara
¡Que bárbaro! (2)

About moving in together ... it's no big deal because it's incredibly easy to live with me.
- it's no big deal

Lo de mudarnos juntos ... no es para tanto porque es increíblemente fácil vivir conmigo.
- no es para tanto

The ship did not anchor until she approached land.
- to anchor (intransitive above, also transitive)

El barco no ancló hasta que se aproximó a tierra.
- anclar

They're the ones keeping the country going.
hint: have the country standing

Son los que tienen en pie el país.