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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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It was so cold last night I slept with three blankets.
- the blanket (not "la manta")

Hacía tanto frío anoche que dormí con tres cobijas.
- la cobija (L.A.)

I want to begin with gratitude.
- the gratitude
(to be grateful for)

Quiero empezar con el agradecimiento.
- el agradecimiento

Here we are almost all immigrants or descendants of foreigners.
- the descendant

Aquí casi todos somos inmigrantes o descendientes de extranjeros.
- el, la descendiente

In United States my children were born, whom I love most in this world.

En Estados Unidos nacieron mis hijos, lo que más quiero en este mundo.

to pave the way
- to pave (not "acerar")

pavimentar el camino
- pavimentar

m/When school lets out the teenagers always stay (around) talking.

A la salida de la escuela los adolescentes siempre se quedan hablando.

the kindergarten (2)

el jardín de infancia, el jardín de infantes (Río de la Plata)

the ice cream parlor

la heladería

They laugh at his worn out clothes.
- worn out, threadbare

Ellos se ríen de su ropa gastada.
- gastado/a

m/Why don't you look at yourselves? ...
(to pay attention)

¿Por qué no se fijan a ustedes? ...

m/Don't you realize you're a bunch of idiots?
- the imbecile, the idiot

¿No se dan cuenta de que son unos imbéciles?
- el,la imbécil

I really want to go with you.
- really (not "realmente")

De veras quiero ir contigo.
- de veras

You know my thing is science.

Ya sabes que lo mío es la ciencia.
th/ the "ya" is for emphasis, but in spanishdict "ya" in front of tú verb translated as "you"

the subscription

la suscripción

The humidity creates a favorable atmosphere for the growth of bacteria.
- to create a favorable atmosphere for
- the bacterium

La humedad propicia el crecimiento de bacterias.
("propicia" - emphasis on second syllable)
- propiciar
- la bacteria

The attack occurred in broad daylight.
- the daylight

El ataque ocurrió a plena luz del día.
- la luz del día

the moral turpitude
- the clumsiness
(clumsy, slow)

la torpeza moral
- la torpeza

the high school (not "el bachillerato")

la secundaria

the Theory of Relativity

la Teoría de la Relatividad

They asked me a question relative to (relating to) my work experience.
- relative to, relating to

Me hicieron una pregunta relativa a mi experiencia laboral.
- relativo/a a (above as adjective on "pregunta")

the blackboard (not "la pizarra")

el pizarrón (L.A.)

I think we should be giving this class.

Creo que nosotros deberíamos estar dando esta clase.
m/ present progressive with "estar" inifinitive since following a verb

Natalia and Damian formed a group of two people.
HInt: not "formar"
- to form (to build, to assemble)

Natalia y Damián armaron un grupo de dos personas.
- armar

He laughed heartily.

Se rió con ganas.

(context: a very complicated project)
All the same, the two are very optimistic.
- all the same

(context: un proyecto muy complicado)
Do todos modos, los dos son muy optimistas.
- de todos modos
(again, use of "ser" with "optimista")

We can't come but thank you for the invitation anyway.
- anyway (not "de todas maneras")

No podemos venir pero gracias por la invitación de todos modos.
- de todos modos

to remedy


a frozen meal
Hint: not "congelada"

una comida freezada
(from Paco, not in dictionary)

the box lunches

las viandas de comida

to test (not "probar")

testear (S.A.)