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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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Although maybe it's coincidence.

Aunque tal vez es casualidad.

(context: Last night they ate dinner very late.)
So they decide to skip breakfast.
lit: because of that
- to skip

(el contexto: Anoche cenaron muy tarde.)
Por eso deciden saltearse el desayuno.
- saltearse (Río de la Plata)

It's a dream come true.

Es un sueño hecho realidad.

to synchronize
the synchronization

la sincronización

They try starting a video chat. It works perfectly.
- to try, to test, to prove, to sample

Prueban iniciar un videochat. Funciona perfectamente.
- probar

They walk holding hands/hand-in-hand.
Hint: not "caminan de la mano"

Caminan tomados de la mano.

the bird (not "el pájaro")
the birds (the poultry)

el ave (fem)
las aves

Damian and Natalia look at each other disconcerted/puzzled.
- disconcert

Damián y Natalia se miran desconcertados.
- desconcertar

the almond-shaped eyes

los ojos rasgados

Not all but some of us can do it.

No todos pero algunos podemos hacerlo.

the gene

el gene

disagreeable, unpleasant

desagradable (2)

They find it incredible what they're hearing.

Les resulta increíble lo que están escuchando.

as they are walking away
or: as they start walking away

mientras se van caminando
irse + gerund: to start doing something (Yabla)

I don't know if I did the right thing giving her my name.
lit: I don't know if I did well

No sé si hice bien en darle mi nombre.

to interact
the interaction

interactuar yo interactúo
la interacción

At first they didn't look down because it made them nauseous.
- the nausea (usually plural)
I'm nauseous.

Al principio no miraban hacia abajo porque les daba náuseas.
- la náusea
Siento náuseas.

the rainbow

el arcoiris

the observatory

el observatorio

inexpressive, expressionless


only just now she realizes

recién ahora se da cuenta

the oxygen

el oxígeno

the iron plate
the plate, the license plate (Univisión)

la chapa de hierro
la chapa

Natalia forwards it to him so that he sees it in his own lens.
- to forward, to resend

Natalia se lo reenvía para que lo vea en su propio lente.
- reenviar
(ver - subj)

I'll accompany you in whatever you decide to do.

Yo te acompaño en lo que decidas hacer.
Note: subjunctive

the telescope

el telescopio