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He is doing very well with that.
lit: for him it is going very well

Le está yendo muy bien con eso.

inclusive, including

inclusive (2)

the Spanish speaker

el, la hispanohablante

a master key
- master (adj)

una llave maestra
- maestro/a (adj)

the missionary
(the mission)

el misionero, la misionera
(la misión)

making use of the experience in America
- to make use of
(to be worth, to cost)
(to manage alone)

valiéndose de la experiencia en América
- valerse de
(valerse solo)

a wooded area
- wooded

un área boscosa
- boscoso/a

The baby has been crying for two hours.
I had been back for a week.

El bebé lleva dos horas llorando.
LLevaba una semana de vuelta.
- llevar conjugated + time + clause indicating how time spent

You’ve been in the bathroom for half an hour.
My cousin will be depressed for a year.

Llevas media hora en el baño.
Mi primo llevará un año deprimido.
- llevar conjugated + time + clause indicating how time spent

to digest
the digestion

digerir (e->ie) yo digiero
la digestión

whether you speak several languages or not
- whether ... or not

tanto si hablas varios idiomas como si no
- tanto si ... como si no

the villain
the villainy

el villano, la villana
la villanía

a single word
two separate matters
- separate (loose)

una palabra suelta
dos asuntos sueltos
- suelto/a

the dementia

la demencia

there are certain parts of the brain
- the part, the area

hay ciertas parcelas del cerebro
- la parcela



and that leaves physical marks on our brain
- the mark (not "la huella") (the make, the brand)

y eso deja marcas físicas en nuestro cerebro
- la marca

the tennis player

el, la tenista

the maitre d'

el maître (pronounced "ma-ee-tre")

the chef

el, la chef

the menu (2)

el menú, la carta
(los menús - pronounced menúes)
th/"el menú" also refers to the kinds of dishes served

If you're sleepy, try some coffee: it will wake you up.
- to wake up, to smarten up
also intransitive: I smartened up, I woke up.

Si tienes sueño, prueba un poco de café: te espabilará.
- espabilar (2)

the inverse order
- inverse
- to invert (to invest)

el orden inverso
- inverso/a
- invertir (e->ie) yo invierto

They tend to perform better.
- to perform
(to work as)
(the performance)

Ellos tienden a desempeñarse mejor.
- desempeñarse
(desempeñarse como)
(el desempeño)

an indelible mark
- indelible

una huella imborrable
- imborrable

an endless number of questions
an endless amount of money
- an endless number (with countable nouns), an endless amount (with uncountable nouns)

un sinfín de preguntas
un sinfín de dinero
- el sinfín

to predominate


in the villages
- the village, esp. when small (not "el pueblo")

en las aldeas
- la aldea

On turning thirty-five, she decided to realize her dream.
- to realize (not "realizar" "materializar")

Al cumplir los treinta y cinco años, decidió concretar su sueño.
- concretar



the language of the highest strata of society
- the stratum

el idioma de los estratos más altos de la sociedad
- el estrato