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If he calls again, I'll disconnect [him] right away.
- to disconnect (to cut)

Si vuelve a llamar, le corto enseguida.
- cortar

to vibrate


the Facebook posts

las publicaciones de Facebook

How inopportune.
- inopportune

Qué inoportuno.
- inoportuno/a

the mall

el shopping

the flea market
- the flea

el mercado de pulgas
- la pulga

She doesn't like that they overprotect her.
- to overprotect
- the overprotection
- overprotective

No le gusta que la sobreprotejan.
- sobreproteger (subj)
- la sobreprotección
- sobreprotector/a

He is a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.
- the resident (not "el,la residente")

Es vecino de Las Vegas, Nevada.
- el vecino, la vecina

You know ... don't pretend.

Ya sabes ... no te hagas.

decent, respectable
decently, respectably(e.g., to dress)

decente (2)
decentemente (2)

She always gets up in a very bad mood.

Siempre se levanta de muy malhumor.

She always gets up in too bad a mood to have to get under the shower.

Siempre se levanta de muy malhumor como para tener que meterse debajo de la ducha.
(m/the "para" changes the meaning of "muy")

the hair dryer

el secador de pelo

They worked behind the scenes.
Hint: not "tras bambalinas"
- the wing (theatre)

Trabajaron entre bastidores.
- el bastidor

waiting in the wings (2)

esperando entre bastidores
alt: en las alas

the tea

el té

the altar

el altar

the settling of accounts

el ajuste de cuentas

She was not an outstanding student.
- outstanding

No era una alumna sobresaliente.
- sobresaliente

She doesn't let him continue.
lit: she doesn't let that he continues

Ella no deja que siga.
(subj after "dejar que")

How is the studying going? :: Well, m/I'm getting there.
lit: I'm arriving well

¿Cómo va el estudio? :: Bien, llego bien.

(Why so worried?)
It's not like it was a murderer or a kidnapper.

(¿Por qué tan preocupada?)
Ni que fuera un asesino o un secuestrador.

(Maybe it's just a school mate.)
Be that as it may, Belén senses that the person is dangerous.
- be that as it may (at all costs)
("be that as it may": introduce a stmt different from what has just been said)

(Tal vez es simplemente un compañero de la escuela.)
Sea como sea, Belén siente que la persona es peligrosa.
- sea como sea

Don't be alarmed.
- to be alarmed
- to alarm
(the alarm)

No te alarmes.
- alarmarse
- alarmar
(la alarma)

Thanks for being (there), friend.

Gracias por estar, amiga.

She stays lying in her bed until it's dinner time.
lit: happens the hour of dining
- to happen (not "darse" "suceder" "pasar" "ocurrir")

Se queda acostada en su cama hasta que se hace la hora de cenar.
(note: no subj)
- hacerse

to her suprise

para su sorpresa

She can't remember the names of the characters.
- to remember (to retain, to keep)

Ella no puede retener los nombres de los personajes.
- retener

Call me at the home number.

Llámame al número de casa.

You know that I get stressed out with these things.
th/ has sense: the type to get stressed out

Ya sabes que soy de estresarme con estas cosas.

Needless to say ...
(not "sobra decir que")

No hace falta decir que ...

Ivan will be delighted to go to dinner at Eva's.

Iván estará encantado de ir a cenar a lo de Eva.