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Actually, it's not that he doesn't like them.

En realidad, no es que no le gusten.
(note subj)

When they see a dog, they cross to the opposite sidewalk.
lit: the sidewalk of front
- the path, the sidewalk (S.A.) (not "la acera" "el andén (L.A.))

Cuando ven un perro, se cruzan a la vereda de enfrente.
- la vereda (2)
?/ Why reflexive?

The dog growled at him.
- to growl
pres participle:

El perro le gruñó.
- gruñir (intrans)
preterite: gruñó gruñeron
pres participle: gruñendo

but he remembers it as if it had happened yesterday

pero se lo acuerda como si hubiera sucedido ayer

They are confident that sooner or later they will have another child.
lit: they trust in that

Confían en que tarde o temprano tendrán otro hijo.

the jewelry (not "la joyería")

la bijouterie
(pronounced like French but "ter" is long)

She started to do a teacher-training in yoga.
- the teacher-training, the professorship

Empezó a hacer un profesorado de yoga.
- el profesorado (2)

the snow on the slope of the mountain
- the slope

la nieve en el declive de la montaña
- el declive

just two weeks after Jaime was born

solo dos semanas después de que naciera Jaime
(note past subj)

the phobia

la fobia

They are constantly worried about their child.
- permanently, constantly (not "constantemente")

Están permanentemente preocupados por su hijo.
- permanentemente (2)

Up until last year, she was a competitive gymnast.
- the gymnast
- competitive

Hasta el año pasado, ella era gymnasta competitiva.
- el,la gymnasta
- competitivo/a

Jaime has become the new target of Ulises.
- the target (not "el blanco") (the objective)

Jaime se ha convertido en el nuevo objetivo de Ulises.
- el objetivo

the injury (not "la lesión" "la herida")

la lastimadura

She asked him how he had hit himself.
- to hit oneself

Le preguntó cómo se había golpeado.
- golpearse

but after thinking it over

pero después de pensarlo mejor

You have to manage the timing very well.

Hay que manejar muy bien los tiempos.

small-breed dogs
- the breed (the race)

perros de razas pequeñas
- la raza

(conversing with a psychiatrist)
Yes, tell me, Councillor / Sir.

(conversando con un psiquiatra)
Sí, dígame, licenciado.

occasional, accidental
occasionally, by chance

ocasional (2)
ocasionalmente (2)

Hopefully it works.
lit: gives result

Ojalá dé resultado.
(note subj)

the scuba diver

el buzo

a male or a female

un macho o una hembra

It's advisable to spray the leaves with water every day.
- to spray, to sprinkle

Conviene rociar las hojas con agua cada día.
- rociar (2)

Maybe I'll eat something later.
lit: I eat

Tal vez coma algo más tarde.
(not subj)

They decided on a place.

Se decidieron por un lugar.

the parasite
to de-worm (or worm)

el parásito