Computer Literacy- Mercer Style

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Here there be vocab words for you to learn. Arrrrr...

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How computers communicate (ones and zeros)


The physical parts of the computer you can touch

Microprocessor (CPU)

Small circuit board inside the computer that controls everything the computer does

Personal Computer

Computer designed for an individual user


Devices that work with your computer


Set of instructions read by the computer's CPU that tells the computer hardware what to do

Applications (apps)

Help you perform specific tasks on the computer


How information gets into the computer


How data is changed or used


How devices get information from the computer


Sending information via a computer to other people


Saving your data for later use

Hard Drive

Used to store information inside your PC

Flash Drive

Portable storage of choice

Local Area Network (LAN)

Group of computers connected together in a building

Cloud storage

Data accessible from any Internet connection


Two or more computers connected together

File Server

Large, powerful computer used to store files


Web of computer networks that span the Earth

World Wide Web

System of serves that can handle documents formatted in HTML


Name of the programming language for making web sites


The selling and buying of products on the web

Web Browser

An app that lets you find and view web pages

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

The address for a website


Text, button or graphic that, when clicked, takes you to a new location

Search Engine

An app that performs keyword searches to pinpoint Internet content


Moral values that describe how people should behave


Protection for people's works granted by the government


Using someone else's material and claiming it as your own