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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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Rio Properties Inc


Zielinkski v Philadelphia Piers- if improper denial, deemed to admit

Amended Pleadings

Beeck v. Aquaslide N' Sive Corp- amendment with leave of the court should be freely given when justice requires

Relation Back

Krupski v. Costa Crociere- claim is related, D knew of claim within R4(m), D knew or should have known of suit but for P's mistake

(focus more on the knowledge of the D than the P)


Hadges v. Yonkers Racing- Safe Harbor Rule


United States v. Heyward-Robinson- same parties, time frames, same basic set of facts. court says claims are related, breach one gives rise to another. logical relationship between claims.
compulsory counterclaims require transaction/occurence interpreted broadly to require a logical relationship not immediateness of connection

Class Action

Wal-Mart Stores v. Dukes- commonality= each class member must have experienced the discrimination int he same way


Gonzales v. Google, Inc- cost shifting, discovery is fluid and can be flexible

Claw Back Agreement

Hickman v Taylr- work product

Discovery Violation Sanctions

Poole ex Rec Elliot Textron- sanctions because conduct was to delay.
Atty fees require misconduct and bad faith by clear and convincing standard


Colleton Prep Academcy, Inc. v. Hoover- not prejudice P, meritorious defense, act with promptness, good faith, no history

Summary Judgment

Celotex- no evidence in support of claim

Summary Judgment 2

Anderson- burden of proof "preponderance of evidence" has to be incorporated into sj when judge thinks about it

Summary Judgment

Matsushita- If there are competing inferences given equal weight by law, P must produce evidence that supports the unlawful inference>lawful one. If 50%, deny MSJ. Inference needs to be >51%. (misapplication= in any claim with competing inferences of relatively equal probability, summary j must be granted bc party can get beyond 50%)

Evidentiary law of claim is incorporated into the summary j standard


Markman- patent case should be decided by judge not jury

Jury 2

Edmonson- preemptory challenges cannot be baed on race/gender


Reeves v. Sanderson- no JMOL, raised an inference of discrimination

New Trial

Dadurian- finding is against the great weight of evidence

Relief from Judgment

Aikens- no extraordinary circumstance that would give P right to reopen case

Claim Preclusion

Nestor v. Pratt- damages not available in 1st case, no claim preclusion

Claim Preclusion 2

Taylor v. Sturgell- no mutuality, need same parties (6 exceptions- agree to be precluded, legal privity, class actions, nonparty assums control like IRS, agent or proxy, special statute like bankruptcy)

Issue Preclusion

Cromwell- partial issue preclusion granted

Issue Preclusion 2

Parklane Hosiery- offensive issue preclusion. P could not have easily joined in the 1st claim, judgement doe snot result in unfairness to D


Swift- led to inequitable treatment and forum shopping

Erie 2

substantive issue- apply state law
procedural issue- federal law


Pt 1- Erie only applies when twin aims are implicated: 1 forum shopping 2 unequal treatment of diverse litigants

Pt 2- If there is a federal rule on point, must apply if constitutional and valid under the REA