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the speakers located in the ceiling
- the speaker (2)

los parlantes ubicados en el techo
- el parlante (L.A.), el altavoz

The talking statue scared me.
- talking

La estatua parlante me asustó.
- parlante

context: an Ella Fitzgerald recording
but this is the version that suited her best
(in other contexts: fit her best, looked best on her)

el contexto: una grabación de Ella Fitzgerald
pero esta es la versión que le quedó mejor

The symposia include discussion workshops and a series of public lectures.
- the symposium
- the series (not "la serie") (the cycle)
- the lecture (not "la clase") (the conference)

Los simposios incluyen talleres de discusión y un ciclo de conferencias públicas.
- el simposio
- el ciclo
- la conferencia

in the place they were just at the time playing a song by Ella Fitzgerald
Hint: not "jugando" "reproduciendo"

en el local justo estaban pasando un tema de Ella Fitzgerald

She reluctantly agreed to pay the bill.
- reluctantly (not "de forma desganada")

Ella aceptó de mala gana pagar la cuenta.
- de mala gana

Uma took the opportunity to play several of her favorite songs.
- to play (electronics) (to reproduce)
(the playlist)

Uma aprovechó la ocasión para reproducir varios de sus temas favoritos.
- reproducir
(la lista de reproducción)

to hear things that, for the average person, went unnoticed
- the average person
(ordinary people)

escuchar cosas que, para el común de la gente, pasaban desapercibidas.
- el común de la gente
(las personas de a pie, la gente común)

she didn't want to get too excited
- to delude oneself, to get one's hope up, to get excited
(the illusion, the hope, the excitement)

no quería ilusionarse demasiado
- ilusionarse (3)
(la ilusión)

she still didn't know for sure
lit: to a true science

ella aún no sabía a ciencia cierta

she saw a reflection on her desk
- the reflection (physics)
(the reflection: physics + thought)

ella vio un reflejo sobre su escritorio
- el reflejo
(la reflexión)

it seems to me that you are jealous
(it doesn't seem fair to me)

se me hace que estás celosa
(no se me hace justo)

after all (not "después de/que todo")

al fin y al cabo

I don't need that a ghost walks behind me all the time.
Hint: not "detrás de mí"
(being close to him, in front of him)

No necesito que un fantasma ande detrás mío todo el tiempo.
(estando cerco suyo, en frente suyo)

but a thought did not stop haunting her
- to haunt

pero un pensamiento no dejaba de acecharla
- acechar (trans)

The cat was stalking its prey.
- to stalk (to haunt)

El gato estaba acechando a su presa.
- acechar (trans)

Uma felt flattered by the invitation.
- to flatter
(the compliment)

Uma se sentía halagada por la invitación.
- halagar (trans)
(el halago)

It was not known how the fire had started.

No se sabía cómo había empezado el incendio.
(saberse m/pronominal passive)

the products marketed by the company
- to commercialize i.e., to commercially exploit, to market
- the commercialization, the marketing

los productos comercializados por la compañía
- comercializar (2)
- la comercialización (2)

the usual was two weeks in advance
- in advance (not "de antelación" "por adelantado")

lo usual eran dos semanas de anticipación
- de anticipación

the operator of this machine
- the operator (not "el operador")

el operario de esta máquina
- el operario, la operaria

Only six of them were arrested at a military roadblock.
-the roadblock (2)

Solo seis de ellos fueron arrestados en un retén militar.
- el retén (L.A.), el control de carretera

Isaac Asimov was one of the most prolific writers of the past century.
- fecund, prolific

Isaac Asimov fue uno de los escritores más fecundos del siglo pasado.
- fecundo/a (2)

It was a very fruitful discussion.
- fruitful (2)

Fue una discusión muy fecunda.
- fecundo/a, fructífero/a

We always comply with all regulations.
- the regulations (2)

Siempre cumplimos con todas las normativas.
- las regulaciones, las normativas

If you get angry it doesn't do you any good.

Si te enojas no te hace bien a ti.

It's not worth bemoaning what is happening.
- to bemoan

No vale la pena lamentarse por lo que está pasando.
- lamentarse (de)

It's amazing how tragedies can bring out the best of the human spirit.
- to make manifest, to bring out (not "sacar a relucir")
- manifest

Es asombroso cómo las tragedias pueden poner en manifiesto lo mejor del espíritu humano.
- poner en manifiesto
- manifiesto

the black sheep of the family

la oveja negra de la familia

and they agreed on the specific objectives of the plan
- to agree on (when followed by a noun)
(The jeweller agreed to lower) (to agree - followed by a verb)

y acordaron los objetivos específicos del plan
- acordar (trans)
(El joyero acordó abaratar)