FlashDecks are easy to create and to use. We have collected these common questions about FlashDecks in one place to help you in answering a question someone has already asked.

The easiest way to find a FlashDeck is to use the decks menu item in the top menu. From here you can search for FlashDecks by title or description. For example: mathematics or Spanish.

Alternately, you can use the subjects menu item in the bottom menu, to find a list of subjects that FlashDecks have been labeled.

While viewing a FlashDeck, make your best guess at what the information on the back of the first card is. Flip it over by clicking on the card. If you got it right or wrong, click on the corresponding button. This card will now disappear. Continue through the rest of the deck, and you will be presented with a choice to try all cards again or just the ones that you've marked as wrong. Repeat through the FlashDeck immediately, or come back another day to continue learning the material.

To become a member of FlashDecks, use the login/register link in the top menu. From here you can register for a new account which you will verify via email, or you can instantly register by using your Google, FaceBook, or Twitter Profile.

By becoming a member of FlashDecks, you are able to create and save FlashDecks. You can also create collections and bookmarks to organize FlashDecks that you are learning or have created. Become a member and add to the world of knowledge!

As a member, use the create link in the top menu bar. Start by naming, describing and categorizing the FlashDeck you are about to make.

Next, enter the front and back of the first card. Images can also be added to the card now. Choose Add another card, and repeat until you are finished creating your deck. Choose Save and begin using your FlashDeck.

Alternately, you can import cards as a comma separated list of fronts and backs, by choosing Save and Import Cards Now.

As a member, use the drop down member menu link on the top menu. Here you will find listed all of the FlashDecks and collections you have created.

While viewing a FlashDeck that you have previously used, click on the Stats tab under the title of the flash deck. Here you will find statistics on your progress across visits to the material. Repetition is the mother of all learning.

As a member the easiest way to save a FlashDeck that you are learning from is to use the Add to tab under the title of the flash deck. Here you can bookmark the deck, whereafter the deck will always show in your sidebar. Additionally, you can add the deck to one of your collections, or create a new collection to add it to.

Please fill out our feedback form and we will answer your questions promptly. Thank you for using FlashDecks.