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Why Flashcards? Let me tell you why!

Flashcards are highly effective learning tools, especially when combined with the spaced repetition technique. Here are several reasons why flashcards are beneficial for effective learning:

Creating Flashcards is Easy

smart teacherCreating a deck of flashcards is quick and easy. Using our streamlined interface, anyone can create a highly effective learning tool.

Spaced repetition makes learning easy.

students.pngBy using spaced repetition learning, anyone can rapidly memorize new information. With repeated usage, short-term memory is solidified into long-term memory.

So take full advantage of your potential to learn new information by returning periodically to review flashcards you want to learn permanently.

Flashcard Tools for Tutors

desktop_mobile_flashcards_0_0.pngTraditional flashcards are a great tool for memorization and learning, and FlashDecks.com enhances this with a suite of easy to use features.

No elaborate registration or payment is required to use and share Flashcards or to benefit from the learning tools.

Mobile Adaptive FlashCards

flashcards_tablet_learning_coffee.jpg"If you have time to lean, you have time to learn!"

Anyone anywhere can learn and retain information for the long term using Flashcards and Spaced Repetition, a proven learning technique.

Learning with FlashDecks.com

desktop_mobile_flashcards_0_0.png It is time-tested knowledge that traditional flashcards are a great tool for memorization and learning. FlashDecks enhances this with a suite of easy to use features.

Flashdecks.com is a great resource for teachers

Happy_teacher.jpgWhen we created Flashdecks.com, an "Open Content" flashcard website, we specifically had teachers and students in mind. Creating and organizing flashcards is simple for teachers. Students can independently and anonymously access flashcards anywhere. Memorization of facts can be rapidly facilitated through repeated use. And best of all, it is free and open to anybody.

Welcome to FlashDecks

Welcome to FlashDecks, where it is easy to create, use and share Flashcards online. Search and browse existing Flashcard decks or login and create your own decks, its all free and open content.

Flashcards are a intuitive and quality learning tool. Our mission is to provide the most effective online Flashcard tools for creating free and open Flashcard content to the world. All content on our site is “Open Content”, and thus can be imported, exported, shared, and used by everyone.