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In java, - is a reference variable that refers to the current object.


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this can be used to refer - -instance variable.

current class

this can be used to - current class method (implicitly)


this() can be used to invoke current class -


this can be passed as an - in the method call.


this can be passed as argument in the c- call.


this can be used to return the - instance from the method.

current class

If there is ambiguity between the instance variables and parameters, this keyword resolves the problem of -


You may - the method of the current class by using the this keyword.


The this() constructor call can be used to invoke the - constructor.

current class

When you are declaring a class in java, you are just creating a -

new data type.

You can create an object from a -


Usage of the "new" keyword
First, you must - a variable of the class type. This variable does not define an object.


Second, you must acquire an actual, physical copy of the object and assign it to that variable. You can do this using the -. The - instantiates a class by dynamically allocating(i.e, allocation at run time) memory for a new object and returning a reference to that memory.

new operator

The new operator is also followed by a call to a class constructor, which initializes the -

new object.

A - defines what occurs when an object of a class is created. - are an important part of all classes and have many significant attributes.