American Republic Chapter 8

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1.) What happened at Fallen Timbers?

Anthony Wayne defeated a band of Indians at Fallen Timbers in 1794

2.) What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 establish?

A federal court system

3.) Give 5 facts about Abigail Adams.

She was 9 years younger than John, she was outspoken, she had 5 children, she was very close to John, and had been active in politics from the beginning of John's career

4.) Name 3 precedents President George Washington set.

1.) "So help me God"
2.) 2 terms of presidency
3.) treaties confirmed by Senate are the law
4.) Rule of law/Cabinet

5.) What does Judicial review do?

It calls a law unconstitutional, from Marbury VS Madison

6.) Who appointed the "midnight judges"?

John Adams

7.) How was the location of Washington D.C. decided?

It was a compromise made for Hamilton's financial plans, where Jefferson + Supporters would support debt assumption in exchange for the capital being in the South.

8.) What nation impressed American sailors?


9.) What was the XYZ Affair responsible for?

The quazi-war with France

10.) In 1794, Pennsylvania farmers revolted for?

Tax on whiskey (Excise tax)

11.) Who led the opposition to Hamilton's financial plans?

Thomas Jefferson

12.) What did America avoid with the Convention of 1800?

Full-out war with France, Napoleon Negotiated

13.) Discuss the U.S.S. Constitution?

It is still in commission today, "old iron-sides" after war with Britain in 1812.

14.) Famous quote by Henry Lee.

"First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen".

15-17.) Give three reasons why it might have been difficult for Washington to become the president of the US?

He had a completely new government, foreign relations were shaky, no money in the Treasury, and they had no strong army or navy.

18.) What is the purpose of the President's Cabinet?

To give advice to the President, help the President with responsibilities.

19-22.) Who was the head of each of the following departments in Washington's Cabinet?

State-Thomas Jefferson
Treasury-Alexander Hamilton
Defense: Henry Knox
Justice-Edmund Randolph

23.-25.) Name three parts of Hamilton's financial plan.

The government would levy taxes (foreign imports and an excise tax on whiskey), would repay the money borrowed during the War for Independence, and the government would take over the responsibility of paying the state's debts

26.) Why did many of the Southerners oppose the assumption of state debts?

They had already repaid most of their debts.

27.) What compromise was made to satisfy the Southern states?

The federal capital would be located in the South, named after Washington and Columbus.

28-29.) What were the 2 parties which rose over disagreements about Hamilton's financial plan AND who led each?

1.) The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton
2.) The Democratic-Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson

30.) Who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

John Jay

31.) What did Washington state in the Neutrality Proclamation?

America should be "impartial" toward all foreign foes and to cease actions that would involve America in foreign wars,

32.) What is impressment?

The seizing of another country's sailors and forcing them to serve that country that took them.

33.) What was decided in the Pinckney Treaty?

The 31st Parallel line of latitude would be the southern boundary of the US and it gave the US the right of deposit at New Orleans.

34.) How many terms did George Washington serve as president?


35.-36.) What was GW's advice for future years?

He warned against disputes that would divide into political parties, urged caution in making any lasting ties with foreign nations, and warned to stay out of debt.

37.) Who was elected as the2nd president of the United States?

John Adams

38.) Who became his vice-president?

Thomas Jefferson

39.) What was the most important accomplishment of John Adams' presidency?

The new government passed safely from one party to another.

40.) What was the problem with the Election of 1800?

The ballots didn't say which candidate was running for which office.

41.) Who was elected as the 3rd president of the US in the Election of 1800?

Thomas Jefferson