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Vocabulary page 89

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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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Synonym: certain
Antonym: unsure
Sentence: If you are going to take the test then you have to be assertive about the answers.

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Synonym: difference
Antonym: stardard
Sentence: Boys are supposed to be good at soccer, but Tom is the exception.

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Synonym: tale
Antonym: fact
Sentence: Every culture creates their own myths to believe in the unthinkable.

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Synonym: inequality
Antonym: tolerance
Sentence: The world has been fighting against sexism for years, we are making a difference.

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Synonym: equivalent
Antonym: antonym
Sentence: "House" is a synonym for "home".

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Synonym: accent
Antonym: standard
Sentence: Every country has their own dialect variation.

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Synonym: inmoderate
Antonym: insufficient
Sentence: The love between each other is excessive but cute.

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Synonym: obscenity
Antonym: respect
Sentence: They suspended school because of some profanity complains.

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Synonym: vulgarism
Antonym: standard
Sentence: Usually, slangs are learned on the streets.

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Synonym: sole
Antonym: common
Sentence: This story is about the uniqueness of the princess and her braveness.

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Synonym: rule
Antonym: follow
Sentence: This is teamwork, nobody is going to dominate.

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Synonym: junior
Antonym: superior
Sentence: She has always felt inferior for her older sister.

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Synonym: aphorism
Sentence: The proverb says give love and be loved.

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Synonym: chatter
Antonym: quiet
Sentence: When I first met Cynthia I noticed that she was a very talkative person.

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Synonym: appreciated
Antonym: worthless
Sentence: We all love Josh, we think that he is a valued person.

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