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although the guidelines of Kemalism
- the directive (not "la directiva"), the guideline (not "la pauta" "la norma" "el lineamiento")

aunque las directrices del kemalismo
- la directriz (2)

initially (not "inicialmente" "al principio" "en un principio")

en un inicio

once negotiations stalled
- to stall, to stagnate
- stalled (stagnant)
- the stalling (the stagnation)

una vez las negociaciones se estancaron
- estancar(se) (2)
- estancado/a
- el estancamiento

He continued working individually on the part of the plan that corresponded to him.
- individually
- to correspond (to) (to be appropriate, to be fitting)

Él seguía trabajando individualmente en la parte que le correspondía del plan.
- individualmente
- corresponder

the escape routes
- the escape (not "la fuga" "la escapatoria" "la huida" "la escapada")

los caminos de escape
- el escape

The tasks consisted of checking electrical connections inside and outside of the cells.
- to consist (of)

Las tareas consistían en chequear conexiones eléctricas dentro y fuera de las celdas.
- consistir (en)

crossing some wall
- the wall, the thick wall

cruzando algún paredón
- el paredón

All obstacles to the free movement of goods were removed.
- the goods (the merchandise) (not "los bienes": the assets, the goods)
(to suppress, to remove)

Todos los obstáculos a la libre circulación de mercancías fueron suprimidos.
- las mercancías

The bull charged at the bullfighter and gored him.
- to gore
(to charge, to attack) (the charge, the attack)
(to charge, to ram) (the charge, the onslaught)

El toro arremetió contra el torero y lo corneó.
- cornear
(arremeter) (la arremetida)
(embestir) (la embestida)

Crueler guys than these I have never seen in my life.
- the guy (the uncle)

Tíos más crueles que estos no he visto nunca en mi vida.
- el tío

the crimes against humanity

los delitos de lesa humanidad

La Moneda is the seat of the president of Chile located in the capital city of Santiago.
- the seat (the headquartes, the head office, the venue)

La Moneda es la sede del presidente de Chile ubicada en la ciudad capital de Santiago.
- la sede

the undeniable divisions
- undeniable

las divisiones innegables
- innegable

The count's steps resonated throughout the castle.
- the count, the countess
- the resonance
(to resonate, to resound, to ring)

Los pasos del conde resonaron en todo el castillo.
- el conde, la condesa
- la resonancia

What I disapprove of is seeing a feminine man.
lit: in me causes disapproval
- the disapproval (not "la desaprobación") (the rejection)

Lo que me genera rechazo es ver a un hombre femenino.
- el rechazo

It's important to relate theory to practice.
- to relate, to connect

Es importante relacionar la teoría con la práctica.
- relacionar (trans)

The burning of books was related to the memory of fascist Germany.
- the burning
(to be related to, to be connected to)

La quema de libros se relacionó con la memoria de alemania fascista.
- la quema
(relacionarse con m/pronominal passive)

I can understand that we all have a small feminine part.

Puedo entender que todos tengamos una pequeña parte femenina.
Note subj: opinion, uncertain

He keeps saying that he is “a woman in the body of a man".
Hint: not "sigue diciendo"

Él se la pasa diciendo que es “una mujer en el cuerpo de un hombre”.
(pasársela (L.A.): to spend one's time doing some continuous action)

I love to kiss clean-shaven guys; beards itch!
- clean-shaven, hairless

Me encanta besar a muchachos lampiños; ¡la barba pica!.
- lampiño/a (2)

the hair (on body) (not "el pelo": hair on body and head)

el vello

- to depilate i.e., to remove the hair from (could refer to plucking, shaving or waxing)

- depilar(se)

the dog catcher
(the kennel)

el perrero, la perrera
(la perrera)

Nuria focused her interest on a single instrument: the saxophone.
- to focus (trans) (not "centrar" "enfocar")
- to focus (oneself)
- the focusing, the focus
- the saxophone

Nuria focalizó su interés en un solo instrumento: el saxofón.
- focalizar (trans)
- focalizarse
- la focalización
- el saxofón

due to the extent of the abuses
- the extent (the extension, the area, the length)

por la extensión de los abusos
- la extensión

the diaspora

la diáspora

the effeminate hairdresser
- effeminate

el peluquero afeminado
- afeminado/a

It's something that I find admirable in Guillermo.
- admirable

Es algo que me parece admirable en Guillermo.
- admirable

Even in the worst circumstances he does not lose sight of his plan.
- to lose sight of

Aún en las peores circunstancias no pierde de vista su plan.
- perder de vista

Many foreigners stood in solidarity with Chileans.
- to stand in solidarity

Muchos extranjeros solidarizaron con los chilenos.
- solidarizar alt:solidarizarse